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On leboy classic proof again. Therefore , as Chanel is the most representative of its production process and brand image cf medium , precisely so lofty, indeed a little highbrow .
General terms leboy in mainland China sales price down to 30,000 , and most recently in the country are almost invariably counter leboy, popular. In contrast , leboy more close to the people , because the production process is relatively cf much easier , so , if cf selling brand image and process , then leboy changes are selling , selling fashion elements.
boy have a lot of bright colors , as opposed to a dull black cf more welcome by the young girl . Perhaps you also have a lot to say cf color ah , according to statistics , Chanel sold 10 per cf only three color , the rest of the classic black , good Biaimashi orange , lv presbyopia , and has been the convention , so the counters, you Can not find the black cf on the table , put all the warehouse , which is always showcase fashion, avant-garde , bright other packages. It is precisely because there is no one like cf leboy as relatively fixed symbols, so it is more rich in color and texture changes: acrylic drilling , python skin Myanmar , Thailand pearl skin so bright, bright , rich layering of rare skin type often Chanel designer is used to create, while those carrying the best carrier creation is : leboy process is simple , generous , both women but many of them handsome !



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